uptime engineering stories

Stories, ideas, and new work from the engineers who build, run, and maintain uptime.

12 min

Lessons learned building an IoT stack for elevators At uptime, we're developing predictive maintenance for elevators. Our R&D team of 20 hardware and software engineers is focused on building the most advanced IoT plateform for the elevator industry, combining data intelligence and easy-to-use web and mobile apps. We also work hand in hand with...

27 September 2021

8 min

Interview: David Baussart, Data Analyst at uptime, uses his computer like a crystal ball, to...

6 September 2021

2 min

François-Xavier l’Ecuyer, Product Manager at uptime, explains how strong and kind exigency helps...

11 August 2021

3 min

Axel Colin de Verdière, CTO at uptime, introduces the uptime technological stack: what are we...

10 August 2021

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