We welcomed the team of the French AWS User Group at our offices to showcase how we used Amazon Web Services (AWS) tools to build our IoT stack for elevator maintenance.


🎙 "From prototype to hundreds of units deployed, feedback with AWS IoT"

Since 2016,  uptime.ac has been developing a predictive maintenance platform for elevators with its own IoT box and its web and mobile applications. See how using AWS IoT Core has helped the flow of production, deployment, and exploitation of IoT data for hundreds of devices. Talk let by Thomas Himblot, Team Lead Software Engineer at uptime.

🎙 "Edge Computing with AWS IoT Greengrass to Revolutionize the Industry"

Discover how Edge Computing with AWS IoT Greengrass makes it possible to converge the industrial physical world also called OT (Operational Technology) and the world of IT (Information Technology) or computer systems, by introducing new applications and innovations in factories enhanced by AI. Talk led by Walid Abdaoui, IoT Engineer at Devoteam Revolve.

🎙 "Amazon Web Services for Industrials"

Did you know that a typical industrial installation has thousands of sensors that generate data? Thanks to the implementation of a strategy around the Industrial Internet of Objects (IIoT), discover how to combine this data in order to proactively improve the performance of machines within, for example, manufacturing plants, assembly facilities or refineries. Talk led by Arnaud Jean, Solution Architect at AWS.


Meetup replay (in French):