Axel Colin de Verdière, CTO at uptime, introduces the uptime technological stack: what are we doing, how we are doing it and why.

What is your background in the company and before?

My name is Axel, CTO at uptime. I’ve been working for 8 years, essentially in IoT startups, and joined uptime 4 years ago. To me, it is an amazing opportunity to work on a market which really needs technological disruption. The good thing at uptime is that I can have fun while working on complex technological problems. There are a lot of things to do, which is great.

What is the role of technology at uptime?

Our role is to build the technological platform of tomorrow, allowing high-end predictive maintenance for elevators. To achieve this, our research and development team is now made up of around twenty engineers, spread over three specialist teams: product, full-stack & embedded development, electronic and data.


What are you working on?

We are working on three main pillars. To do predictive work, we need data. Lots of data. We will look for it on the operation of the elevator, thanks to our connected device, developed in-house. This device is easily deployed on any lift because it is universal, suitable or adaptable to any manufacturer.


We also need data on the actions of mechanics in the field. To do this, we have built a mobile application which is the daily companion of the elevator technician, and a web application which allows operational managers to control everything that is happening on their fleet of elevators. Thanks to this, we are able to provide maintenance recommendations to the technician, allowing them to further increase their work performance.

Finally, we are able to provide all the information in complete transparency to property managers, who are thus able to monitor the status of the elevators in their property stock in real time.


What’s at stake?

Today, we face many challenges to achieve our vision. First of all, as with any startup, we face issues of scale. We are deploying more and more devices, for more and more customers, moreover internationally. We also have complexity issues, as we always try to push the performance of our predictive maintenance algorithms even further.

In terms of product, it is also complex and stimulating, given that we are trying to improve the maintenance practices of specialized companies, established for years, which are our customers. We have a maintenance team with which we can co-build these practices.

Finally, our connected device must constantly evolve so that it is always more complete, enriched in functions and efficient.

Why should an engineer choose to join uptime?

We are looking for independent developers and engineers, who wish to continue to learn while evolving within a team of passionate people. We are also looking for people who are interested in having a strong impact on a sector that is in great need of technological change. Ask around, friends, who've ever gotten stuck in an elevator, it's never very pleasant. This is something we want to see go away.