François-Xavier l’Ecuyer, Product Manager at uptime, explains how strong and kind exigency helps uptime to build the best product..

What is your role at uptime?

My name is François-Xavier, I joined uptime in July 2020 as a Product Manager. My role is to identify opportunities on which my team, composed of one product designer and several developers, can work on to answer our strategic objectives. Also, my role is to make sure that our product updates are really adapted to our customers and end-users needs.

What is your daily routine made of?

We work as an integrated team, mastering all the skills required for our mission, to be able to develop our product in complete autonomy. We meet a whole range of challenges, mostly caused by the complexity of the job and the sector of elevator maintenance itself. In addition to that, our work combines electronics, data analysis and software, which complicates our missions but also makes working in dev at uptime so exciting.

Why did you join?

I joined uptime because I wanted to find a more human contact with customers, and especially the idea of ​​breaking the elevator maintenance oligopoly in place for so many years, thanks to technology. This is all the more true as the elevator is a subject that concerns millions of people, on a daily basis.

Is there a little extra to working at uptime?

I found a very healthy management style and corporate culture, which make you feel good there. There is a real benevolence, beyond speech or appearance. This does not prevent us from having a very high level of requirement, while working with extremely competent people. This is what makes our work so smooth and efficient.