Last month, uptime's "Tech Day" was finally back! Organized jointly by Axel (CTO) and Alexandra (CPO), this quarterly event brings together the engineering and product teams for an afternoon of work and activities focused on the product, but also with the aim of getting to know each other and meeting the new uptimers who recently joined the team.


Synergy 🤝

At uptime, the engineering and the product teams are working very closely together. Led by Axel, the engineering team is organized around three areas (software, hardware & embedded, data) while our product team, let by Alexandra is a team of 8. Besides, engineering and product have mixed to create squads within the two teams, with different goals. One is property manager-focused, another is technician-focused*, and others are quality and compatibility-focused. So, the aim of the Tech Day is also to mix all these people to be able to create synergies outside the pre-existing squads.

*uptime provides an elevator maintenance tech build to improve technicians and end-customers experience.  


Fun time ✨

The tech day started with a picnic at the Parc Monceau, a typical Parisian garden, close to uptime's offices, where everybody enjoyed the sunny day. Tech day kicked off with icebreakers and games, to lighten the spirits a little bit ! What a better way to break the ice than a giant rock paper scissors contest ? The anecdote contest was also a highlight of the day, with many unexpected stories (who knew that one of the uptimers could actually fly a plane ?).


Workshops 🧬

Then, teams were divided into groups with people from different teams. The groups brainstormed around key questions on the future of our product. Where can we go further into the future of uptime? What makes uptime’s product so special? With many (too many !) post-it notes, ideas (sometimes a bit eccentric) flooded in. The teams managed to gather their ideas and to compare the points that came up often. 




"Tech Day is always an opportunity to share all our new ideas (sometimes a bit far-fetched or even completely crazy) all together, including our remote colleagues who made the trip to Paris! We managed to create a team spirit with a real sense of cohesion and a truly participative atmosphere within R&D, which we are quite proud of!"

Predictive Maintenance Engineer



The day ended with a big feedback session where everyone was able to express their feelings on the activities and our areas for improvement for the next Tech Day!


"I had a great afternoon with my new colleagues, the atmosphere was really great. It was an opportunity to learn more about our product while getting to know each other, which allowed me to feel even more at home at uptime!"


Tech Lead

Do you want to be there for the next one? At uptime, we’re building something that will revolutionize the way 1,5 billions people move every day. It will reshape a market worth 90 billion dollars, all this thanks to technology. Join our engineering-first team in Paris, London or remotely: see open positions here.